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More people are falling prey to obesity, while an equal if not more people are also realising the detrimental effect it has
on their health and how obesity spoils their appearance.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is used to treat baldness in both male and female. Hair follicles that show better genetic resistance are transplanted from the relatively healthier donor site to the recipient site..

Cradle Of Life

Medway Medical Centre is pleased to announce its new venture – ‘Cradle of Life – Conception to Delivery Package’. We believe that it is important for parents-to-be to make a well-informed..

Knee and back pain

Pain behind the knee aka posterior knee pain can be due to a number of problems. Sometimes it develops gradually over time indicating an underlying problem with part of the knee. Othertimes,..

Out Patient

Our Specialist Outpatient Clinics covers wide range of medical disciplines and provides consultation services. Please note that consultations at our Medway Medical Centre..

The CEO's Desk

As you surf through this webpage, very soon you will realize that we have created a State of Art Hospital, which is comparable to the best in the world. While designing the hospital, the special feature kept in mind, was to create a de-stressing atmosphere and ambience for the patients and the doctors. The large and well-lit corridors with ample space for relatives in each department ensure that the whole facility not only looks relaxed but also works very efficiently. 

However, beyond these obvious features there are several others that are not easily visible but are vital in enabling us to contribute to the well-being of the patients. 

We measure progress by the extent to which we restore the hope of a healthy tomorrow. Diagnosis, simple procedures to complex surgeries, international expertise and world-class infrastructure...all these and more have made us the one-stop healthcare destination today for people across the Country.

We are a 30 bedded Multi Specialty hospital, providing a quality healthcare experience to our customers. The paradigm of healthcare in our country has undergone a significant change in the past few years.

Healthcare industry, today, has moved ahead from a diagnose/fix mentality to a preventive healthcare mentality, with a fanatic focus on providing a comfortable experience to the customers.

The same ethos runs through our organization, with a vision of providing Multi Specialty Healthcare service of International Standards, built on expertise, cemented by trust & delivered with warmth and care. Today, we not only offer diagnostic/curative services but a gamut of services centred on wellness & preventive health solutions for all age groups.

What makes us different & carves out a niche for us is the fact that we are situated at the heart of the city, with renowned physicians and surgeons on our panel, the best of technology in medical care supported with a team of highly trained and compassionate staff.

As a proof for quality, we were awarded with ISO 9001:2008  for Quality Management System by TUV .

I can go on and on enumerating the various cutting edge technologies in the Hospital, but what is equally important is the fact that all these technologies are backed by vastly experienced and reputed medical professionals in each and every field of medicine. And the doctors are supported by efficient nurses and paramedical services. Today, we are proud to be one of the preferred healthcare service provider in the city.

‘Small is Big’ has been our motto. Though smaller in dimension, we ensure that our care, concern, compassion and healthcare services provided are in multi folds, making it a truly world class healthcare experience for our patients.

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We are very much satisfied with post and pre-operative treatment. The nurses and other staffs were excellent. Housekeeping and cleanliness was very good. Special thanks to Dr.Raja & Dr.Balamurugan.


An excellent experience, we travelled all the way from Adyar to get operated for appendicitis. No regrets. We were provided the best care possible. The duty doctors and nurses were very pleasant. They attended to all our needs immediately. The rooms were clean and tidy. Housekeeping was excellent. Special thanks to Dr.Palaniappan & Dr.Vijayan for looking after us.


Accurate diagnosis, speedy action for recovering and great team work. Excellent attention by Sisters and others- Exemplary services. Once the work is completed I would rate this as one of the best hospital in Chennai- for proper diagnosis and for reasonable charges.


V.Kalavathy Good care was given by the Nurses. Both emotional and physical pains were taken care. Felt like being at home. Thanks to the Doctors and Nurses.


The service was excellent. All the staff were perfect in their duty and did their work with great punctuality.


Well maintained and excellent service provided by the staff. Very good hospitality.

Shafrin Banu

Excellent service provided by the hospital staff .We extend our special thanks to all the nursing staff for their excellent service.

Mr.Mohamed Ibraham

Hospitality is very good compared to other hospitals where my dad was admitted before. Sisters’ service was too good.

Mr. G.Venkata Reddy

Treatment in the hospital was very good. All the supporting staff also cooperated well. Rooms & Premises are in healthy and hygienic conditions. Everything is good and we are very happy with the service provided.


Thank you very much for the motherly care provided.


Treatment is really very good. We felt as though we were at our home because the nurses service was very good

Mr.Aditya Sundar

Doctors were very kind. Thanks to Dr.Palaniappan and Dr. Pablo Neruda .Excellent treatment and kind attention from sisters and others. We saw only smiling face from every one. Thank you very much.

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